Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sony 2010 Open House 3D coming soon!

Sony invited us to San Diego to take a tour of their headquarters and 2010 product lineup. All Sony HDTV's have been completely redesigned with a very elegant monolithic look. Sony will be making a huge push during the summer of 2010 bringing 3D to the home envioronment. Major networks including Discovery and ESPN will soon be broadcasting in 3D. The next World Cup will also be broadcast in 3D. What do you think of 3D? I sure enjoyed Avatar in 3D and know I'm not the only one that was blown away... not by the plot of course but by the 3D technology and visual imagery! Sony will be supplying active shutter glasses along with the sale of the TV's. I think people will love it or hate it. My own personal feeling is that 3D will be huge for all the gamers out there. Sony is also making a big push in bringing online content and streaming to all their TV's and bluray players i.e. facebook, pandora, youtube, netflix etc. Itouch and Iphones will also serve as remotes for all new Sony bluray players making searches for online content a breeze. Check out some of the pictures from our trip and contact us if you're looking for the latest from Sony!

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