Thursday, April 15, 2010

3D for your Home Theater is here!!

After installing 3D HDTV's in a couple client's homes, we decided to install Samsung's 3D-ready HDTV in our own showroom. If you've seen a recent 3D movie in a theater, you know how much it adds to the experience. You feel more a part of the action, and characters actually seem more real. When you combine the 3D HDTV with a 3D Bluray player and 3D glasses, you can enjoy hyper-realistic viewing right in your living room. It really is something worth talking about! You have to see it to understand. Please visit our custom showroom!

3D technology creates the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image by presenting a slightly different view to each eye. Our eyes and brain do this every day, allowing us to see the world around us in 3D. Samsung's new UN55C7000 achieves a similar result by using a special LCD panel that can actually display two different versions of a video image, with the video frames alternating at very high speed.

It's not 3D without the glasses. Samsung's special 3D glasses work in sync with the screen to create three-dimensional images. These liquid-crystal "shutter" glasses alternately block out the left or right lens in coordination with the frames flashing on screen. The glasses communicate wirelessly with the HDTV via infrared beams. It sounds complicated, but it works seamlessly, creating an intensely immersive experience for movies, sports, and video games.

The ultimate 3D viewing experience starts with video material that was filmed or created for 3D. Samsung also offers 3D Blu-ray players, There are a handful of 3D Blu-ray titles available now and much more to come this summer. ESPN, Discovery and DIRECTV® plan to launch 3D channels later this year, so true 3D content is on the way! The Samsung display we've set up in our showroom also has powerful video processing that creates a 3D effect with standard 2D broadcasts, Blu-rays, DVDs and video games.

When you're connected to the Web, there's always something cool to watch
When you connect to your broadband Internet service you can use Samsung's built-in "widgets" to access a variety of free online sites, like YouTube®. And you'll love being able to stream titles from your Netflix® Instant Queue, and order on-demand movies from Blockbuster® and Vudu®. You can even use one of the TV's USB ports to plug in Samsung's wireless adapter for convenient media streaming over your wireless network.

Contact us today if you need a 3D expert! Now is certainly a good time to pull the trigger on a custom home theater system!

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