Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get rid of your cable/satellite service and start streaming!

Are you tired of the $100/month cable/satellite bill? Your family may be just as happy, if not happier with the many available online media streaming devices and service providers out there. Also, devices with media streaming capabilities cost a fraction less than cable/satellite service.

Currently, our family subscribes to Netflix ($7.99/mo.), Hulu Plus ($7.99/mo.) and we receive local channels "over the air", in HD for free via an HD antenna. Would you rather pay $16/mo. vs. $100? Now, there are gaps in available content i.e. cable/satellite news, limited sports & some specialty channels. However, what is lacking in content is more than made up with the monthly savings and convenience of new online media.

Our household has found more than enough to keep ourselves entertained with all the available instant streaming movies, tv shows, documentaries, full seasons, you tube, musicals, live tv, local news, etc... Local channels received over the air for free can also be recorded with a compatible DVR or TiVo if that's what you're used to.

How does it all work? You will need a good internet connection and a compatible streaming device. All the new online streaming content can be taken advantage of with a new bluray player, TiVo, Wii, Playstation3, Xbox, PC, iPad, among others... most of these devices also connect to your wireless home network.

Endless music is also available for free via Pandora. If you haven't explored these options, we highly reccomend you to do so. It may be for you, it may not. If you need help or guidance, we are also happy to help! Contact us anytime!


  1. Stream? sounds great for television programs.

  2. Wow, great article.Really thank you! Want more.