Saturday, January 15, 2011

iPhone4 - New Features - Verizon

If you havent already heard, beginning February 10th Verizon customers will be able to use the iPhone4. There are several significant upgraded features available on the iPhone4. As if the earlier generation iPhones weren't awe-inspiring enough!

Video Calling

Now your conversations can be even more interactive with live video calling. There are cameras on both sides of the phone. You can even click a button to switch to the camera on the other side during your video call. I imagine several scenarious where this would be useful; My son's first day at pre-school and I'm away on business. With a simple video call from my wife, I don't miss a thing. Skype works also!

Retina Display

Everything is sharper on the iPhone4. Images, text, emails, maps, photos, you name it. Apple engineers were able to pack 4 times as much pixels into the same 3.5 inch diagonal screen this go around. Also, the retina display offers 4 times the contrast ratio compared to earlier models. This means the whites are brighter and the blacks are darker. The off axis viewing angle is much improved as well.


A much smarter approach to multitasking has been built into the iPhone4. Now you can run multiple apps at the same time and switch between them quickly without over burdening the battery. Apps will also remember where you left off. So when you return to the app after taking a phone call, you can jump right back to what you were doing. Also, you can listen to audio in the backround while performing other functions whether it be email, browsing the web, looking up directions etc... Those of you Pandora fans out there I'm sure will be pleased with this new addition!

HD Video Recording

Capture live video in HD. Need I say more? With this generation iPhone, I see no need to carry around a separate digital camera or any other type of recording device. For most people out there, unless you're a professional, the HD camera and video recorder will more than suit your needs. LED/Flash is built in as well. Video editor software and publishing is also available straight from your iPhone via iMovie.

There's always something better isn't there?

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