Monday, January 17, 2011

What's this Pandora Radio thing everybody's talking about?

Many of you have discovered the wonderful world of Pandora. And I'm sure many of you have yet to experience its awesomeness. Pandora is a personalized internet music service that helps you find new music, and enjoy the music you already know. And best of all its FREE! Hey, times are tough these days.

I just got back from a long run all the while enjoying Pandora streaming from a free app on my iPhone. All you have to do is register for free online here. Then type in one of your favorite artists and bam, that's it! Just don't type in "Mariah Carey" or "Jennifer Lopez" like my wife does. Those stations are known to make dogs smash their heads into trash cans! You have been warned.

Don't ask me how, but Pandora automatically creates a magical compilation of music based on your artist selection. There is some science behind it all originating from the Music Genome Project. Add as many stations as you like. Pandora's goal is for you to be able to take your music everywhere. There is no limit to the number of devices you can use to enjoy your personalized stations. Listen on your PC, Mac, iPad, Smart Phone (including in your car), and compatible home entertainment equipment (bluray players, tv's, vudu, roku, boxee etc.)

Pandora is free up to 40 hours per month. I never reach this limit. And, even if I did max out, its only 99 cents to regain unlimited music for the remainder of the month. You are only charged once and its not set to deduct automatically every month like several other services out there. Every month it automatically resets to another free 40 hours. Every once and a while there is a very short 10 -20 second ad that runs. Other than that, its completely commercial free.

Next run I think I'll create a Foo Fighters station, That'll keep the engine goin'!

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