Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Those young punks don't know what they're doing

Myself and our younger team of technicians and project managers just returned from a Control4 training event in the Bay Area. We were the youngest group in attendance. Now it would have been easy and expected for the group of us to linger in the background and feel intimidated amongst the group of seasoned frosty beards. However, the situation was just the opposite.

All of us took advantage of the opportunity to network and learn from our industry veterans. We were outspoken about how we do things at Liberty Bell. We weren't trying to fit in. We are intentional about being different (insert smiley face here). While our more seasoned colleagues might be focusing their efforts on the softness of a tweeter from Germany or the upconversion capabilities of the latest black box of equipment, we are more concerned about putting smiles on our client's faces and giving them value. By value we mean, taking the time to go above and beyond doing the extra little things. We vacuum, dust and clean. We give our clients Rhapsody, Netflix, HuluPlus, Pandora, Skype through theirTV's, programming that actually works and even free iPad's.

Yes, we give away iPads here! Are we crazy? Well a few seemed to think so during the group sharing and best practices session. After sharing some of these "out of the box ideas" we received a few confirming nods and definitely a few "those guys don't know what they're doing" groans and eyebrow contorting say whaaaa? looks. Now remember, we're not just a home theater and automation company. We've been in the alarm industry for over 30 years. Our president frosty beard (my dad) started this company because our home was broken into! Read more about that here.

Security has always been our focus but we have evolved into much more since then! Our goal is to gain a client for life and provide systems they can enjoy every day and feel confident using. We stay connected to our clients with monthly service, monitoring, remote access and maintenance. We work hard at being a trusted resource in our market. Some of our clients are our best friends. I lost an American Idol bet with one of em' and need to pay up on a free breakfast this Friday!

Don't get me wrong, us younger guys have a LOT to learn from the experienced industry veterans. And we do try to soak up every drop of knowledge and wisdom to be gained. We remain grounded with a large team that has been here since the beginning. All of us keep each other on our toes and make each other better. We have a lot of fun here.

So while you might think we're just a bunch of young punks with wild ideas, I think there might be a few things to learn from us too. I'm just sayin...

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