Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Alarm Company

Our industry is plagued by out of state alarm companies and juvenile door knockers offering free security systems. I can tell you, these unwelcome visitors are NOT concerned about your security or safety. They are out for the kill and prey on unsuspecting homeowners. These companies will pressure you into installing new equipment... even if you already have a monitored security system installed and working!

You wouldn't believe the stories we've heard from our clients and the scare tactics that are being used out there. Some will flat out lie in attempt to get your business. Don't be fooled by these door knockers! They will offer you "free" equipment and lock you into a very expensive long term contract. Once they've convinced you to sign on the dotted line, they will sell the contract to a larger nation wide monitoring company. When you need service you won't be able to reach them, they'll be too busy at their other part-time job flipping burgers or pestering another neighborhood across town. You might think you just got a free system installed but think again and you'll see that you're paying $30-$40 or more per month.

On top of all that, most of these people are not licensed to even knock on your door, let alone install a new alarm system. In most states and here in California alarm companies are required to have an "Alarm Company License". Furthermore, all employees are required to be licensed and have a background check through the Dept of Justice and FBI. The Department of Consumer Affairs manages all Alarm Company licenses.

On any installation over $500, companies are required to have a contractor’s license. The State of California requires law and trade exams in the license classification. In addition to educating consumers about contractors and construction law, CSLB activities include administering examinations to test prospective licensees, issuing licenses, investigating complaints against licensed and unlicensed contractors, issuing citations, suspending or revoking licenses, and seeking administrative, criminal, and civil sanctions against violators.

To check company’s license status you can use the links below.


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