Sunday, June 5, 2011

Check out my Man Cave

Every man should have a place to call his own. A place where things don't magically disappear. A place where you can find things exactly where you left them and not put away "nice and neat" in a silly drawer, or tucked away in tupperware bins or something. A place where you can make a mess, throw darts, plan out adventures, play with gadgets and fart all you want.

Now, my situation might be a bit different than yours. Being that I'm in the electronics industry, I have all kinds of "stuff" laying around. My house can look like a mad scientist's lab at times.

To tell you the truth, I never thought I'd be such a nerd. It's weird though, I often find myself testing and playing with the latest gadgets in my house. When I was young, I liked to figure things out. I guess that hasn't changed.

I remember when I was little, I would steal my parents' alarm clock and take it apart. I would always ask them if i could "dismantle" things. I have been known to remove my closet doors and the wheels off my dad's creeper cart dolley to erect forts and build skateboard ramps.

What makes things worse though is, I rarely clean up or finish the projects I'm working on. I gotta have at least 10 of em' going on simultaneously or else something's just not right.

I guess you could say I'm alot like that dog on the Pixar movie "UP"


While I might feel perfectly at home with all my junk... My wife was starting to get tired of all the wires and random stuff cluttering up our granite island and other various areas throughout the house.

"What babe, you don't like wire clippings, cords and electronics on the dinner table?"

So... I decided to dedicate a space in the garage for all my "man stuff". Here you can see the boys, (my son and neapolitan mastiff) in the background... chillin' in Man Land:

Right now I'm sitting in my man cave, reclining on a sectional couch I got for free off Craigslist. Man I love Craigslist, Seriously, I might open up a side business just to buy, sell, "wheel and deal"... but we'll leave that topic for another post.

Back to the cave... I'm sipping a glass of red wine and enjoying the "Lite Alternative" channel on Rhapsody Ahhhhh... no kids or wife beckoning me. Just the soothing sound of music and the humming sound of my water heater burner.

Sporadically throughout this blog, I'll be posting reviews on some of the different gadgets and electronics I've tested in my lab. A lot of them I'd recommend. Several of them I would not.

Now I'm not a total nerd, lets make that clear. And by no means would I be able to build a computer from scratch or even upgrade the RAM on my computer. Honestly, I don't even know what that means but I've heard "RAM" before when the "nerds" talk about computers.

I'm only interested in things that are simple and can really benefit my lifestyle, entertainment and security. And that of my clients of course!

So stay tuned for the reviews from time to time...

P.S. We've done several man cave installs for our clients. Check out this small sampling:

I know, these two are a bit "strange"... but then again, so are us men!

This client has a hanger for his own private helicopter. His automation system allows him to check in on the surveillance cameras, alarm and access control:

This client made his own lighted movie poster display boxes in his man cave:

Here I am at the Ultimate Man Cave: Dallas Cowboys' Stadium:

I'd post more but I gotta go. My wife is calling me in to give Brody a bath!


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