Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have Home Theaters Made Video Games Scarier?

Check out this guest blog from my good friend and scheduling manager here at Liberty Bell: Troy Studer

Have Home Theaters Made Video Games Scarier?

I don’t consider myself a “hard core gamer” but I do like to sit back on occasion in the dark... in front of the TV shooting zombies, looking for treasure, jumping over garbage cans and chasing ghosts with my yellow bodiless friend. Now of course working in the biz I have a home theater system but I find that I don’t always use it when I’m playing video games.

Maybe because I’m trying to concentrate on the game and don’t want the additional distractions from all the speakers... Or is it because when I play games like Left 4 Dead (my all-time favorite zombie game) or even war games like Call of Duty (arguably one of the best FPS games ever) it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up? On more then one occasion I can honestly say I've screamed (only when I’m alone) when something in the game freaks me out.

I grew up playing games like Pitfall, Pacman, Mario Bros, Tron, Battlefield and Donkey Kong and I don’t think I ever got scared at the video arcade or even with our 20” mono TV that had funny looking antennas on top of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching scary movies but when you’re playing a video game I believe you are much more immersed and almost feel like you have become the person in the game. For me, I have honestly been scared out of my chair chasing zombies and trying to sneak up behind a soldier on a virtual battlefield. And I haven't even mentioned 3D yet!

So in my opinion... YES Home Theaters make Video Games much Scarier!

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