Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Just fax it to me"... "Huh?... just QR me bro"

You see them everywhere, in magazines, on business cards, on the side of moving vehicles, menus, on product packaging, and many other places. What the heck are those things? Really, do we need another random interaction with technology to learn and understand? I mean, some people can hardly use their smart phones and email. Yes dad, I'm talking to you. But then again you're probably not reading this blog unless mom prints it out for you.

My IT and tech guys keep telling me we need to put these QR things on our equipment and marketing material. Well, everybody else is doing it right? I really had no idea what QR codes were but I kept seeing them everywhere. So, I did some research.

QR or “Quick response codes” are similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products. The key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold. Bar codes can only hold up to 20 digits. QR codes can hold thousands of characters.

You can use free apps on your smart phone to read the codes that will link you to web material, activate phone numbers, emails, text messages, connect to a specific website, and more.

I downloaded the free Red Laser app on my iphone. Woah, I just scanned the pic above and it took me right to our website, cool! I could see this really catching on. It really is easy and kinda fun once you have the app downloaded and ready to go.

There are also free websites that can create QR codes so you can easily make one for your own business, or just for fun. We played around with it and used Kaywa.

When you register your business with Google Places you will receive a decal that includes a QR code directing people to your company website. Then again Google just might take over the world and use this code to access all your personal information. Isn't there a new book out about that? Anyway, I digress...

QR codes started in Japan over 10 years ago and are being implemented in the US at a steady rate. The potential for QR codes is limitless. The next generation, ummm I mean my generation, will have more information and you will not need an internet connection, all the information will be buried in the code.... Crazy right? I can picture it now... "Just fax it to me"... "Huh?... Just QR me bro".

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