Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quit Talking About Yourself and Party!

What do you do when you go to a party?

You don't just talk about yourself and what you do for a living the whole time, do you?

"Hi, I'm Mark, I sell electronics. Here's my card."

"Hi, I'm Mark, I noticed you have an iPhone there... did you know you can control your house with that? Here's my card. Call me sometime."

"Hi I'm Mark..."

People don't come to a party to hear you talk about yourself and all the crap you sell!

They come to have fun and be engaged in interesting conversations. They want to hear about your hobbies, your family, what you thought of the game last night and what's up with that Anthony Weiner clown.

They want to laugh at your jokes, answer questions about their own lives, tell you about their kids soccer game or that big fish they caught last weekend!

A while ago I saw an enlightening video clip by Perry Belcher. In it, he talks about how we should view social media sites like going to a party.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc... Don't use these sites to try and sell stuff, or to tell the world why you, your company, your product or whatever... is the greatest.

Instead, Have fun! Meet new people. Comment on what others are doing. Comment on what you find interesting.



Sure, its ok to talk about yourself and what products/services you offer every once and a while, but not all the time. Not even a majority of the time.

Blogs are a bit different. Belcher suggests thinking of your blog as your "home". Ahh, home sweet home. All these other social media sites are party pads, but your blog... That's your safe, comfortable, cozy place!

In your own home, you can be much more open and honest. You can kick back on the couch, put your feet up, hang whatever pictures you want on your wall, talk about whatever you want, and just be yourself.

So while I'm at these parties, I may decide to invite a few people over to my house because we got along wonderfully and developed a new freindship!

Ok, so I work in the security and home entertainment business. I get it that people may not have any interest at all in what I do. But, they might like me as a person if I'm having fun at the party!

They may never buy new speakers in a million years... but their friend might. And their friend's friend might. And guess what? Them and many of the people they're connected to all know Mark as that fun guy at parties that knows all about speakers. And they'll probably send em' my way.

They wouldn't be coming over if all I did was talk about myself and the speakers I sell would they?

Are you getting it?

I don't know about you, but I sure found this concept helpful.

People like parties and visiting your home because its fun and entertaining. Plus there's free stuff; chips, dip, burgers, beer...

Think of your social media sites that way. Think of your blog that way. Give away valuable information, give em' a reason to want to come hang out.


  1. "Think of your social media sites that way. Think of your blog that way. Give away valuable information, give em' a reason to want to come hang out. "

    -You are ABSOLUTELY right. 5 stars for that :)

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