Thursday, June 16, 2011

White Trash Fathers Day Contest

Well its that time of the year again to honor dad. For fathers day I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the "get er' done" father's spirit! I don't know about you, but if I can fix something myself... I'm gonna save the money and do it myself!

I found this priceless material at white trash repairs.

For fathers day they are running a white trash father contest.

Now I've made a few "shady" repairs in my time and have come up with some creative "out of the box" solutions... but nothing like these!

Dad lifts the garage/shed so he can fit his half ton inside. Lifted with his own bare hands (and some wood and jacks). He also is using an old green hospital door for the side entrance.

This clever dad writes: “your ac broken all you need is a few a little bit of pvc pipe what do you have hillbilly air”

This submitter wrote:

“figured out a way to cool my 1979 pop up camper. 98 dollar a.c. from walmart and some dryer vent hose!”

"Nope not a joke you can really own this beauty for 9K! If you’re really interested you can find it for sale on Craigslist in Detroit metro!"

Seriously? Who's gonna take your Walmart cart?

And my favorite... White Trash Theater Seating.

Happy Father's Day Everyone!


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