Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will they really "get it" if I email, or is a conversation more appropriate?

I was going to write a product review on the TiVo XL because I absolutely love mine. But then I thought... that's kinda boring given my mood at the moment. I'll save that one for later when I don't have a hot topic fresh on my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I love my TiVo... That's gonna be a good one. Sometimes I call it "Tito" (Dane Cook reference).

Ok, right now I'm thinking about email vs. calling and having a conversation over the phone.

Why? Because I just sent out about 30 emails.

Of the 30, I know at least half of the people I sent the emails to absolutely appreciated the information. I'm positive half of them were glad to receive the message and put my bit of info in their own appropriate compartment. Done, handled, scheduled... onto the next thing.

The other half probably were thinking "Why is Mark sending me emails at 8pm and bugging me?" "Leave me alone."

I know because I deal with both types of people all throughout my day. Some hate it. Some love it. Some are still trying to figure it all out, undecided.

I guess it all depends on the situation. Say its 8pm for example and you have an overwhelming pile of inbox items that need to be scheduled, checked off, handled, delegated etc... I'm not gonna pick up the phone and talk to each person about it. Especially if its about ordering a part, or a website edit, or setting aside an hour of your day for a meeting, or blocking off a showroom appointment in Outlook, etc...

Especially when I'm not going to have time to handle these things the next day when I'm busy delivering the expectations I've been promising to other people and clients.

Now, if its an issue that needs to be discussed, figured out... has some emotion to it and more back and forth required... That's a different story. I'm not gonna email at 8pm to talk about a new product offering or shift in the business plan. That requires much more relational attention. To tell you the truth, I'd much rather talk in person or on the phone. There's just so much that goes on throughout the day that quicker means of communication becomes necessary.

I guess it just comes down to your own Jedi intuition and assessing each situation.

A question I always ask myself when trying to decide whether to call or email is: "Will this person really 'get it' if I send this email, or is a phone conversation more appropriate"?

Ok, sometimes I don't always follow this advice but I'm going to start... depending on the situation/person :)

"Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond". "Don't know if there's enough time". (Sorry, cant resist the movie references).

I guess I could use a little less email in my life. But how should I know? ... I'm part of a younger generation... very used to it.

What do you think?


  1. I agree! Email is so handy when communicating the same info to multiple people. Both in business situations and family. I try to have phone or face to face when any emotion is involved because sometimes reading email "tone" is harder. Most of my good friends in my generation are loving email for the same reasons :-)

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