Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wow, Nice Rack!

I always enjoy seeing how things are made and taking a look behind the scenes. I remember taking a tour of the Boeing factory and being amazed at how many rivets are used on a single airplane!

Boeing uses over a million and a half in a single 747 aircraft. Even Boeing doesn't know the number of rivets used... they quantify the number in pounds!

I remember when we first signed on with Control4, our preferred home automation vendor, we insisted on a personal tour. Ron Buzzard and I were cruising our motorcycles across the western United States and stopped off in Utah.

Once we arrived, we were lucky enough to be given a personal tour by the lovely Miss Quyen Lindenlaub! Whoops... let me pick that up, I just dropped that name... ahahaha Quyen! I know... creepy. You love it!

I thought it would be fun to take a look behind the scenes here at Liberty Bell and check out our rack room/project staging area.

I'll let the big Buzzard himself kick it off:

Let's take a look inside:

We pre-rack, pre-wire, pre-program and test every integration project that goes out our door. This way we can be sure everything works the way it should before we arrive at the clients' home. Plus, its just fun to fiddle around with electronics!

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