Thursday, July 21, 2011

Control4 Video Visit to Sacramento

Shanan Carney, The Executive Producer of Brand Marketing at Control4, reached out to me at a recent dealer training. She heard about my story in CE Pro regarding how I use home automation to make life a little easier in caring for my son with autism.

Shanan asked me if she could bring her video crew out to Sacramento and interview my wife and I.

I told her SURE! We would love to tell the story!

Automation isn't only for the rich and famous. Its for everybody, even the average homeowner.

Automation can be used to help in the "home health" arena as well. It can make life so much easier for both the care givers and those affected by whatever disorder, injury, disease etc...

At our house we use alerts and lighting scenes to notify us if our son Brody is sneaking out at night. We have cameras in his bedroom and therapy room to keep an eye on things and monitor therapy sessions.. We also have a wakeup timer that turns on Brody's tv to Thomas the Train, or Shaun the Sheep (or whatever his favorite show is at the moment) and gradually ramps up the light in his room, ensuring he wakes up in a happy mood!

Julie Jacobson, with CE Pro also did an update on our story regarding the wakeup timer. I sent her this quick video from my phone of my happy joy boy!

Trust me, its not fun waking my son up when he doesn't want to get up. Its all about transition, routine and entering the world of the senses, and UNDERSTANDING what its like to be "hypersensitive" when working with a child that has autism.

Belive it or not, automation can help quite a bit with that.

I put this video together a long time ago that helps explain how people with autism interact with the world. If you're curious, check it out. This was a special day for our family where Brody totally "came alive" at a trip to the ocean.

I'm excited for Control4 to tell our story and I hope others will see how helpful technology can be in the "home health" category.

Also, while Control4 was here, they shot footage for two other video segments:

One, for the work we've done at The New Home Company model in Granite Bay. This feature will explain how automation and home technology is being used by one of our builder partners as a major selling tool in a nearby community development.

And the last one is being produced to feature the "security functions" of home automation. Security is where we started 30 years ago when our house was burglarized. My dad was pissed! Suckers even ate part of a frozen pie crust in our freezer while they were there. Who does that?? Anyway, he bought all the alarm parts and installed a security system himself... and here we are today.

Most people don't really understand home automation, so Control4 is putting together a series of videos that highlight each "pillar" of the system. They came to us as experts in the "security" section.

We look forward to seeing the final videos and sharing them with you.

Here's an example of one of their recent videos they shot in Dallas, Texas.

I think its great that a manufacturer is visiting dealers throughout the country and taking the time to share their work and create these videos that tell their stories! You rock Control4!


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