Monday, July 18, 2011

Free System Giveaway #1

So, we talked about a series of free system giveaways...

Well, here's the first one...
Email me privately with the words "free system giveaway #1" in the subject line for your chance to win a free alarm system design & installation:

I will visit your home personally and design a system that does what its supposed to do and acutally provides complete security and peace of mind!

And I'm not talkin' just a couple doors with a wireless motion sensor like those "door knocker salespeople" push, trying to convince you a system like that is "state of the art".

We will also provide a free professional installation and 3 months free monitoring.

Crime is bad right now! Almost every day lately, I hear from potential clients looking to secure their homes because their home just got broken into, or a neighbors' did.

I look forward to hookin' you up!!

We're gonna do this old school, like "names in a hat" type old school. Email me privately and I'll drop your name into the hat. I'll give it a couple days and then I'll draw a name.

Once we have a winner, I'll be in contact. And of course... I'll be sharing the experience and process online for others to see!

This should be fun!

Later, we'll be doing audio and home theater giveaways. Trust me, you wont want to miss those either!

*Free System Installation location must be within 60 miles of Sacramento, California (Thanks John)


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