Friday, July 1, 2011

New Carbon Monoxide Law in Effect Today

"New Carbon Monoxide Detector Law Goes Into Effect July 1st 2011 Senate Bill 183"

If you haven’t already heard, starting today, all new residential homes will be required by law to have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed if the home meets any of the following criteria:

• home contains gas appliances such as a gas stove, gas furnace, gas fireplace, gas water heater, etc.

• home has fireplace (even if it only burns wood, pellets, or any other material).

• home has an attached garage (even if there are no gas appliances in the house!). Cars continue to emit CO even after they are shut off.

The same goes for rentals!

Yes this means that if you own a home, condo, or townhouse that you rent to another human being, you are REQUIRED to install Carbon Monoxide detectors if it meets any of the criteria above.

The detectors need to placed outside each bedroom, one for each floor and must include a battery back up.

The State Air Resources Board estimates that every year carbon monoxide accounts for between 30 and 40 avoidable deaths, possibly thousands of avoidable illnesses, and between 175 and 700 avoidable emergency room and hospital visits.

Here is the link to the bill

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