Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Back Into the Routine - Jersey Shore

We all have an ideal routine we'd like to follow I'm sure... Work hard, stay consistent and produce positive results, workout, eat 3 balanced meals, have fun, enjoy your family, get good quality time with your mate etc...

Then life happens... you have an unexpected event; your car breaks down, you loose somebody you love, you get laid off, you drop your iPhone in the toilet etc... 

What do you do when "life" happens?

I'm learning that "life" happens to us all. It does no good to feel sorry for yourself and get out of the routine you know to be healthiest for you.

So here I am blogging again. I enjoy it. Whether anybody reads or not, its fun to be real and not take myself or life too seriously.

Take today for example, I took my frumpy self back to the gym to get back to my "healthy routine". Right when I sat down on the bench press (cause that's the manliest workout to do right)? Figured I'd hit that first... Homeboy keeps staring at me.

Is it just me or do you feel like everybody at the gym is staring and checking everybody out? Dude, do I got a booger in my nose or something? Quit staring at me with your fake tan and "fear this" T-shirt. Can't you see I'm just trying to work out in peace?

Maybe I'm just paranoid or insecure but I really don't appreciate being oogled at the gym. I got a coors light belly that needs some flattening from my last man trip. Go back to Jersey Shore!
All I'm sayin' is that we would all do well to stick with the healthy routine, when life is good, bad, stagnant etc... stick with it!


  1. So true! I dont think you have a Coors Light belly though

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  2. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. That's true. Stick to the healthiest routine.