Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Surrounded by Nerds - Ce Pro 100 Summit Recap

I recently returned from the annual Ce Pro 100 Summit in Miami Florida.

Once a year, the top 100 custom electronics integrators get together to learn, network, share ideas, receive unique one on one time with some of the industry's best vendors... and try to have a little fun.

"Try" being the key word here.

We all had an opportunity to get away from the "grind" for a little while... relax, network and learn a thing or two.  Yet, many still seemed to take things SO seriously!

There were a lot of fun events planned.  They had a live concert night, casino night (no matter how hard I try at Texas Hold Em' I still suck), a comedy night and even an open bar throughout the event!

Sounds like fun right?

It's sad, but I have to admit... our industry is saturated with nerds.  Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of cool nerds.  Some of the "nerds" I work with are the funnest people I know.  They don't take themselves too seriously and they help our clients take advantage of all the amazing ground breaking technology that is available today; designing and delivering systems that come alive, and are easy to operate!

Maybe its just the economy, or my youth that gives me this perspective.  I don't know?  I just see that our industry is changing and its really going to take an open mind and a willingness to evolve in order to be successful NOW and into the future.

Have some fun will ya?!

The comedian put it perfectly the first night after a very dry introduction from one of our fellow integrators (sorry if you're reading this) and said "Wow, I'm in a room filled with smart nerds".  "That was a great intro... thanks for that (major sarcasm)."

The comedian was obviously bummed, having to get up in a conference room full of guys sporting black frame glasses and Dockers after a very boring introduction.  He made his best effort to turn things around and make people laugh.  Just collectin' his paycheck I'm sure.

He was hilarious by the way and provided some much needed comedic relief, talking about powdering his balls and several other things I won't get into here... had to be there...

Ok, Ok, I get it... its a business event.  Everybody's surrounded by their peers/competition and wants to put on their "game face".

Does it really have to be that serious though?  After all, we are in the home entertainment industry!  The stuff we sell is awesome!  It moves people, gets you excited and puts smiles on peoples faces!

I appreciated some of the industry veterans like Greg Simmons who took an opportunity to tell a blond joke instead of a "best practice" during the sharing time.  Or Guys like Dennis Sage who got up and danced during the John Meyer "look a like" concert night while everybody else sat around uncomfortable in their own skin.

That's how it should be!  Live a little!

Today we have such an opportunity to get people excited about the "smart home", ipad's, tablets, streaming media, airplay, music, security, whole house control... I could go on and on... Yet, some are just "stuck", trying to operate within the same old business model to no avail.

For me, I'm going to continue to operate outside of the norm.  That's what works for me.  I like to get people excited about what we do and what we offer.  Because the systems we install are fun and exciting!

Technology changes quickly!  Lets have some fun with it and enjoy the ride!  I never thought I'd be a smart nerd... but here I am.  Hopefully I'm a fun nerd too!


  1. The most handsome and fun nerd I know

  2. Love this post, and also love Moomin!

  3. Well, some people were probably still worrying about work.

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