Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poor Customer Service - You're Gettin' Blasted on Yelp Dude!

Wife: "Honey, we have a major problem!"

Me: "What?"

Wife: "There's water dripping on the floor, the sheetrock is bubbling up and the carpet's getting soaked."

Me: "What?"

We built a house a couple years ago and fire sprinklers were a requirement.  Out of all the subcontractors we hired to help us during the home build, the fire sprinkler company was the worst.  They were so difficult to communicate with, missed deadlines and we had to babysit them the entire time.

So, needless to say, once I discovered this problem I wasn't too excited about contacting them for warranty repair.

I called their office.  The lady that answered the phone told me her tech in the field would come by and fix for me.  She gave me the cell phone number of her tech and told ME to call him.

Ummmm... shouldn't you call him and assign a work order to him and get his butt over here?  Instead, you're giving me "Joe's" cell number?

Ok, whatever... so I called "Joe" and left a message, stressing the urgency of the situation and that my house is leaking!

No call back for a couple hours.

So I texted him a picture of the big hole I cut in the sheetrock to gain access to the area with the leak... me being a "do it yourself git er done" type (will have to patch the sheetrock there anyway since it got soaked).

*Begin annoying text conversation* 

me: "Dripping at the nozzle, getting the sheetrock wet, had to cut out to get access, What do I do to stop the leak?"

Bonehead:  "ummm its probably the head adapter that is cracked and dripping"

Me: "how do I fix this?  dripping all over my carpet, need help, your office told me to call you to help fix."  

(also, sent another close up pic):

Bonehead: "we would have to replace the whole fitting that the head screws into"

Me: It's dripping right from the head, I need this fixed now, water is getting all over the place"

Bonehead: "its because the pipe was not insulated correct and the hot and cold air going through the hole crack the brass part"

Me:  "There was insulation wrapped around the entire pipe and head assembly, I dont think that's the problem, anyway, I need someone now to fix the problem"

Bonehead:  "we are all off until monday"

** Ok, I realize its a holiday season, but I can't go 5 days with water leaking all over my master bedroom....**

Me:  "I need somebody here before that, this is an emergency"



Me: ???

Bonehead:  "I called my guys everyone's cell phone is off"

Me:  "So when can you come to fix then?"

Bonehead:  "Monday" (5 days)

Me:  "I have another company on the way to fix and will be sending you a bill for the repair, sheetrock damage, and carpet repair"

**Meanwhile, I'm fixing myself, along with some help from my dad.  We shut off the water supply to the house, drained the pressure from the fire sprinkler system, removed the defective head, replaced with a stop plug, wrapped with Teflon tape, fired back up the water pressure and guess what?... No more leak.**

Bonehead: (30 minutes later)  "you can call 925-382-xxxx he does the repairs."

Me:  "You have zero customer service.  I can call?  I don't think so... will be sending the bills your way and speaking with the president of your company next week"

Bonehead:  "that's the number you need to call he will be in charge"

Me:  "Your office gave me your info and said you were in charge, nevermind that, a professional employee would call your supervisor or the "guy who does the repairs" or whatever, fill him in on the customer situation and have him call the customer (me) with the time he can come out and fix...not have the customer do your job"

Bonehead:  "when was the attempt installed"  "System"

*end of annoying text conversation*

I don't even understand what he's talking about at this point.  You suck!  You and your company are getting blasted on Yelp dude!

I hope we don't ever handle clients concerns this way!  I know myself personally, and a number of my guys work at odd hours of the night, on holidays and on weekends when stuff like this comes up.  Even if its a customer getting crazy about a "skip" button not working on the bluray player on a control system in their daughters room.  Fortunately we are able to connect remotely fairly easily and correct for them.

Water leak in the master bedroom - 5 days - you got to be kidding me!

Good customer service is so hard to come by these days!

I need to relax and get me some turkey!


  1. You should have also shown the bubbly sheetrock. That was not fun! Thanks goodness for Mark and Ron the handy mans.