Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project Spotlight

Every once and a while its fun to get out of town and work on a custom project!

We recently returned from a project on the north coast of California in a small town called Gualala.

That's funny, spell check has it underlined... guess they don't know what the heck Gualala is either.

I can tell you its a beautiful town and was a very fun project to work on.

Here are some of the views from the guest house the owner rented out for all the subcontractors who worked on the project:

Here we did quite a bit of work... integrating almost everything you can think of in a Smart Home; Lighting, Security, Home Theater, Intercom, Radiant Heating, Gate Control, Whole House Music, Motorized Windows, Door Locks, Garage Doors, Tv's hidden behind mirrors, Remote Access/Alerts etc...

Here are some of the project photos:
We all had a great time each night going out to dinner and working well together on this project!

Here's Will gettin' his workout on!

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  1. This looks great, I sooo need to try this soon! Thanks!