Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 10 Essential Man Cave Items

My Man Cave Post received a lot of attention so I figured I'd elaborate here and highlight my Top 10 Essential Man Cave Items.

Item #1 - Mini Fridge

While you're in your cave, you will most likely work up a thirst for a frosty beverage.  Having a mini fridge is very handy.  This brings me to...

Item #2 - Craftsman Beer Opener

Craftsman tools all come with a lifetime warranty.  True "man caver's" will be using this tool a lot - keep it in a handy place!  Also, with Christmas coming up - this makes a great stocking stuffer!  Buy one here.

Item #3 - Space Heater

In the winter months, your cave might get a little chilly.  This little guy keeps the "lounge" area nice and toasty!

Item #4 - Tool Wall

If you're anything like me, your tools get misplaced and you can never find the right tool when you need it.  Having a tool wall with a designated spot for each item makes life much easier!

Item #4 - Adventure Corral

Every man needs adventure.  In your cave, you should have a section for all your toys and adventure gear.  This way, you're ready to go when the opportunity arises!

Item #5 - Games

Whether its darts, chess, poker or another game of your choosing...  People will be coming over and hanging out in your cave.  What else goes better with a frosty brew than some good ol' competition!

Item #6 - Music

Life is better with music.  So are man cave's.

Item #7 - Lounge Area

You will definitely want a space where you can kick back and relax.  Put some carpet on the ground and create a living space.  Also, having a couch with a recliner is worth 100 more man points.

Item #7 - Books and Literature Area

When you're relaxing in the lounge area, you may want to pick up a good book or read up on an instruction manual.  Choose a spot where you can see your entire collection.  Some of my best ideas have come from these books and my time spent in my cave!

Item #7 - Motivational Wall Decorations

Decorate your man walls with things that mean something to you.  They remind you of where you have been, adventures you have taken and motivate you for things yet to come!

Item #8 - TV/Computer

There are times when my son wants to come chill in man land.  Its nice to pop in a movie so he can hang with me.  Its also nice to have internet readily available so you can do your research on things, look up an instruction manual online, wiring diagram, plan your next fishing trip etc...

Item #9 - American Flag

Every man cave should have one!

Item #10 -  Organizers

Things get messy if you don't have large boxes or tool hangers for all your stuff!

I hope you enjoyed some of my man cave suggestions!  I'm always looking for more things to make my cave better.  I'd love to hear more ideas from some of you!


  1. LOVE IT and I just told a girl friend about creating a nice garage one for her hubby, yayy!!