Thursday, December 1, 2011

AirPlay - If you don't have it you're missin' out!

Do you have a bunch of photos you've recently shot on your iPhone or iPad?  How about music?  And movies?  

Wouldn't it be cool if you could watch a slideshow of your photos on the big screen and share with your friends and family?

Wouldn't it be nice to stream your music collection or Pandora to your home theater system or whole house music system?

And wouldn't it be wonderful to transfer your home movie, downloaded video or Netflix instantly to your home theater system?

You can do all this with Apple AirPlay technology!

Check out this video to see it all in action.  They say it requires no set up, and while that's somewhat true... Apple devices are very easy and intuitive.  You will most likely need help with properly setting up your home network, all the necessary devices and of course - compatible home theater and whole house audio systems!

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