Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Art of the Demo - The Art of Flight

Snowboarding and Home Theater. 

Yes! I discovered a match made in heaven with the new "Art of Flight" bluray!

Freakin' awesome!

This is by far the best snowboard video I've ever seen.  The audio/video quality of this bluray is quite advanced compared to other recent bluray releases.  My good buddy Parker introduced  me to this bluray and the sport of backcountry snowboarding.  Here we are hiking up Steven's Peak.

I demo home theater and control systems for a living.  I have several "go to" demo material for different types of clients.  Some people might need to see a Pixar cartoon, others a concert bluray, others an intense action scene.  Everybody's different.  The whole goal is to create an emotional experience and help people  forget for a few minutes that they're sitting in a showroom contemplating purchasing a home theater system.

I love that about home theater!  After experiencing the right demo, people forget where they are... They just start enjoying the moment after we've had a pleasent, engaging conversation, learning more about what interests them and what they are looking for.  Its fun to create a comfortable environment and let them enjoy a good home theater demo!  Almost every time, after I've dimmed the lights, demoed a concert bluray or just the right movie for a client, I'll ramp the lights back up gradually and won't even say anything.  I'll just sit there and watch them and...wait for their response (that's my favorite part)... "I gotta have one"

Works every time!

The Art of Flight bluray will be added to my "go to" list for sure.  The soundrack is killer too!

Here's the trailer:


  1. WOW!! That's all I can say is WOW!!

  2. Oh Boy! The soundtrack and the video is awesome. I ain't seen such a cool video with great details in my life. Truly, a spectacular video.

  3. Oh. They are amazing. How does it feel like to fly up in the sky and watch the green Earth from below

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