Monday, February 6, 2012

Liberty Bell Was Born From a Pissed off Truck Driver Who's Home Was Broken Into!

30 years ago my parent's home was broken into.  My dad got pissed!  He was a truck driver at the time and very much a "do it yourself" type guy.  So... he bought a bunch of alarm parts and decided to install a security system in our home.  He also offered to install similar systems at family and friend's homes.  He didn't want the same thing to happen to them!

Liberty Bell Alarm was born with a vision from a pissed off truck driver who's home was broken into!

We started as a humble alarm company doing small jobs here and there.  We were the first ones to offer pre-wiring and alarm systems to local builders.  Our first account was US Home... now Lennar, one of the nations largest homebuilders.  My dad tells me the story how him and my mom wrote up the contract/proposal on a typewriter late at night in their little office inside the home.  My mom made it look "all professional" and my dad presented it... Guess what?  It worked!  Now, 30 years later, our list of builder partners includes all the areas most prestigious homebuilders in the area.

Not to toot our own horn... but I do feel we are unique, in that we have grown from just a pissed off truck driver installing basic security systems to one of Northern California's finest integrators; providing not only alarm systems, but full integration with Home Theater, Whole House Audio, Smart Home Control Systems, Central Vacuum, Intercom, Automated Shading, Lighting Control, Access Control, Surveillance Cameras, Climate Control, Remote Access, Integration with iPad, Tablets, iPhones, Droid etc...

Here's the first installation truck (That's my brother and I jumping on the back):

Here's we are today:

Watch how we've grown!


  1. Arrange the built-in control module wire away from the module. Slip the wire inside a cut-down drinking straw for stability.

  2. I value the blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.