Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Top 10 Free Tech and Lifestyle Tips

FREE = Awesome - check out my top 10:

1. (I deleted #1)

2. Pandora - If you don't know what it is... you're really missing out! Download the apps on your smart phone, listen at your computer, integrate the service into your home audio system... you will not be disappointed!

3. Hulu - If you want to catch up on today's most popular tv shows, Hulu is the "go to" site.

4. Starbucks WiFi - WiFi seems to be everywhere you go these days, but it isn't always free.  And because there's always a Starbucks within a couple miles of you, no matter where you are - thats your best bet!  WiFi is always free and available at all Starbucks locations... no special code required from the Barista or anything... even stay outside if you want to.

5. Craigslist - Whether you're looking to sell stuff and pick up some quick cash, or score a sweet deal, Craigslist is a great place to start.  Best of all... its FREE!  I've probably had over 100 Craigslist transactions thus far and have benefitted quite a bit from their free service.

6. eBay - If you didn't have any luck selling your stuff on Craigslist, try eBay.  They have a much wider audience and basic ads are free.  Set up a PayPal account and get your money instantly from your buyers.

7. Surfing - No lift ticket required, no boat needed, no parking pass, no registration fee's... as long as you got a board you're good to go!  Paddle out and enjoy!  If you've never ridden a wave on a surfboard, you should try sometime or take a lesson.  It is an amazing experience and feeling.

8. Hiking - Get away from your cell phone, the laundry, the bills... get away from it all and quiet down.  Hiking, backpacking and getting out in nature is one of my favorite ways to re-energize myself and get away from all the chaos.  The wilderness is my "safe place".  We'd all do well to get out more, quiet down and explore!

9. Fishing - Well I guess this one isn't totally free... you have to buy lures, a license, worms, flys... have a rod etc... but once you have what you need you can spend all day, all weekend or an entire week away and not have to pay a dime to fish in certain places.  And on this one, if you're lucky you can catch yourself dinner!  Bonus!

10. Backcountry Snowshoeing/Snowboarding - I love to snowboard!  My good friend, Parker got me into backcountry snowshoeing and snowboarding a couple years ago.  I'll never go back to a resort (unless its mid-week and a killer powder day).  Here we are at Mt. Tallac in Lake Tahoe... the hike takes about 4 hours.  Once you're at the top, you get the sickest run and fresh tracks the whole way down.  Totally worth it, and totally free!

The best things in life are free - thanks for checking out some of mine!  Please share your own!


  1. Mine is catching a sunrise or sunset... taking that 5 or so minutes of quiet when you can actually see the sun move and the colors change. Makes me aware that there must be a power greater than me!

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