Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Traditional Marketing Sucks

Things should be marketed differently these days.

Everything regarding marketing in today's world is an "interruption".  It is information overload!  We are bombarded with commercials, coupons, junk mail, email, texts, radio ads, billboards, banners on TV interrupting our shows, digital icons popping up on the screen etc.  Not to mention, several of these marketers resorting to goofy and shocking tactics... each one taking more risk, each getting more ridiculous than the next.

I'm sure certain companies/brands pop into your head when I mention that:  Carls Jr., Go Daddy, Doritos etc...

--- side note - getting really tired of that E-Trade Baby.  And what's up with McDonalds..? "You're the egg mcmuffin of boyfriends, You told me this was the egg mcmuffin of apartments, This is the egg mcmuffin of automobiles."  What is THAT all about?... *FAIL!---

In today's marketplace I think there needs to be a shift from "interruption" to "permission".

I'm reading a book by Seth Godin titled "Permission Marketing". In it, he explores this concept of "getting permission" and a new shift that needs to take place within traditional marketing.  Companies need to reinvent how they relate to their customers.  Advertising just doesn't work as well as it used to.  There's too much of it and people have learned to ignore it.

It's funny, I've been looking through the views on all my past blogs, and the ones that have received the most attention are the more humorous and useful type of posts which include good content for the reader. People don't want to be annoyed and interrupted by your company.  They need incentive to start learning, communicating and trusting you.  When you have a method of communication and useful content out there - people will begin to give you the "permission" to market to them.

The internet and social media, blogging etc... all that has allowed companies to go beyond the traditional forms of marketing on their own.  Not that some forms of traditional marketing still aren't useful... its just changing.

I don't know about you but I completely tune out all the traditional forms of marketing.  Being Co-Owner here at Liberty Bell, I get several calls from various news, TV, radio, print, coupon companies... etc... wanting us to pay ridiculous amounts of money to advertise with them. blah blah blah... it just doesn't work anymore.  The return on investment is so low and its getting harder to measure these days.

Although we do participate in some of it... and some has been useful.  But no other form has been as useful as the internet.

Cold calls don't work anymore, flyers are garbage, TV ads... complete waste of money.  Its time to start thinking outside the box and reaching out to your customers in creative ways.  Earn their trust first.  Be a resource and stop "selling stuff".  Start making the shift from "interruption" to "permission".


  1. How true are the contents of this post. They have always been in my mind.

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