Monday, February 20, 2012

What Recharges You?

I had a great weekend showshoeing and backcountry snowboarding! 

All of us have things we do on the weekends or when we're away from work to relax and have fun. 

For me, there's something so fulfilling and energizing about getting out to the wildnerness and going on adventures!  There was a time this weekend as I was hiking up Steven's Peak where I started to think about why I enjoy the outdoors so much.  The thought hit me that a major part of it has something to do with being out in an area where things are HUGE.  I get the same feeling when I'm by the ocean.  When I'm in places like this, it puts life in perspective and I start to feel very small compared to my surroundings.  My stresses or problems start to feel that way too (small). I begin to rest, feel recharged and realize that life is good.  Being out of cell service and away from all the daily tasks and duties also helps!

What do you like to do? What recharges you?


  1. Thanks for the great idea of what to do this weekend!

  2. Join us sometime Troy! If you've never done it before you should go with somebody that's done it before, knows when to go during the right conditions, has extra gear, avalanche beacons etc...

  3. We went for a day hike on the same trial back in September, it would be cool to now try it with snowshoes. We have everything but the beacons. This weekend is my last free weekend for a few due to a big job coming up that yes I sold and have to install...jeez whats up with that?

  4. For me the great day of vacation is swimming and surfing in the Hawaii beaches. But after reading this blog, I am deeply interested in going for vacation to snow-filled mountains.