Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You do drugs? Nope. You work hard? Yep... You're hired!

We used to hire pretty much anybody that walked in the door.  I remember; there were dudes that would come by, fill out a job application, take the 5 minute interview and they'd be hired!  Next day they'd show up with their tool belt, worn out Carhartt pants, slap on a Liberty Bell shirt and be ready to roll!  The new hire would join up with a lead tech, hop in the truck and head off to pre-wire one of the homes we had on the schedule for that day.

At one time we had over 100 techs when the new home construction business was at its height.  Some days we would even swing by Home Depot and pick up a few extra guys on the way to the job, just so we could keep up!

Kidding- we didn't actually do that.

Seriously though, it got SO crazy, we would just hire people that walked though the door and were willing to work hard so we could stay on schedule.  After all, pre-wiring homes isn't exactly brain surgery.

Since then, as you know, our market has completely changed.  We went from focusing primarily on the builder market to more custom, commercial and home automation type projects.  We've had to adjust quite a bit and learned along the way that the proper training has been crucial to our success!

Our employees have participated in numerous events, webinars, vendor trainings, online certification courses, out of town multiple day in-depth courses etc. We have a wall in our office where we like to showcase our employee certifications:

We have morning meetings every single day to discuss training topics and project details:

We are sending 2 more of our top level system design and salespeople off to training over the next couple months in Salt Lake City and Chicago.

Take time to invest in training for your employees!  It will pay off and get you to the next level!


  1. It is true. Training your employees will definitely help you to get the best out of them.

  2. You are right Mark. Only proper training could get the best results for you.

  3. Thank you ever so for you post.Really thank you!