Saturday, March 10, 2012

Digital Communication Courage - Dangers of Social Media

There are a lot of annoying people out there that have what I call "Digital Communication Courage".

These types are much different in the digital world than they are in person or on the phone.  These are the type that will send you a "Chef Ramsay" text or email which gets you all fired up or defensive.

But then you call em' up or see them in person and they're really much more like "Dr. Phil".


I just spent a few minutes while I was on a training webinar emailing back and forth with one of my clients.  We are at the tail end of a medium sized project with this customer, wrapping up the last little details.  At this point there's only one small item left to complete.

I was tied up in the training webinar but I was still making an effort to respond and communicate so we were emailing.  So, I get a message: "You need to get this done ASAP!  The wall plate that's installed is completely blank.  This is unacceptable."

Now, I don't know about you, but when I receive a short, terse message like this it kinda bothers me.  Like, dude... You have a kick ass theater room, your whole house automated with lighting, security, temperature, access control etc... and you're grinding me for one trim plate connection that needs to be changed to banana plugs?  Come on... Seriously?

Anyway, I finish up with the webinar and I call him up.  He answers... "Oh, hey Mark, what's goin' on?"

me: "Hey _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , just calling to see when can drop by to pop in that trim plate for ya."

him: "Oh whenever you're in the area, its no problem, its not that big of a deal."

me: "Umm...Ok, We'll be out in that area next Wednesday morning, how bout' we drop by around 9?"

him: "Sure, works for me, see you then.  Have a great weekend."

*That was weird.  Not what I expected.

Don't get me wrong, email, text, social media and all that is great but some people aren't the best communicators with it, and use it at times - in a negative way.

I think there's a large danger in social media and this digital age.  People are getting more and more reliant on digital communication, isolating themselves from people, relationships and authentic interactions.  Digital communication is great, I love it.  But I think we'd all do well to maintain a proper balance and make sure we're using it in a responsible manner.


  1. Yeah! It is true that people are using social media extensively. The face to face and the casual communication that you have with other is slowly decreasing.

  2. There will be a time when a mom and son, husband and wife, brother and sister will also have to keep up relations in social media sites

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