Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nifty New TV Features You Should Be Aware Of

I brought home the brand new Samsung 8000 series LED TV so I could bench test and learn more about it.  Later this week we'll be installing one and, well... that's what we do, test things out first to make sure they work!  Especially when its a brand new product!

It took a while for all the firmware updates to go through and a bit of trial and error to get the voice, camera and gesture control set up (voice, camera, gesture...wha??) but once I was done with the updates and configuration, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few new features I felt were worth sharing:

Built-in Camera/Facial Recognition - great for Skype video calls.  Great for loading and recognizing your own individual customized settings and favorites.

Gesture Control - at first I thought this feature was extra cheesy.  Who the heck would want to wave their hand in front of the tv to select a show or app?  A remote is much more user friendly in my opinion.  I started thinking about my son though and how this just might be my favorite feature of the TV if he ends up learning how to use it.

My son Brody has autism which makes it difficult for him to communicate.  One of his favorite things to do after pre-school and therapy is to cruise through his Netflix shows we have in the instant queue and choose one to watch.  Often times he gets frustrated because we cant tell which one he wants to watch.  He usually ends up standing on a chair, waving his hands back and forth until we get to the right one and he has a special move he does when we get to the show he wants to watch.  He is very visual.  Lately its all about the "Fireman Sam", next week I know it will be something totally different.  I think this could be an awesome feature for him and other children with autism/special needs.  Not sure if Samsung even realizes that??  

Voice Control - this is another feature I don't think I'd use but could come in quite handy for disabled, injured or other individuals with special needs.

Here's a demo which goes into more details about some of these new features:

The rest of the features are similar to what you may already be used to: tons of apps, pandora, netflix streaming, 1080p, 3d (includes glasses), 1.2" thin, extra slim bezel, 960 clear motion rate, 30,000,000:1 contrast ratio, built-in WiFi etc...

All in all, the finest LED I've seen or tested thus far.


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